World peace, or ten luxury items for yourself of your choosing?

World peace or ten luxury items?
For example you could choose your own private jet, a luxury mansion, a top of the range Ferrari, the world's biggest yacht, a cuddly toy or even the latest cool mobile phone of the moment if that was what you fancied.  Or indeed anything else you fancied up to ten luxury items.

Or alternatively, you could choose world peace, and war and confict would become a thing of the past...

Which option would you go for?  World peace or ten luxury items of your choosing?

...or live in the Star Wars universe?

Star Wars universe or a world where Santa Claus was real?
If you go for the Santa Claus option then everything about the Santa mythology becomes real and everyone in the world gets a load of free presents every Christmas (as long as you haven't been naughty!).

If you go for the Star Wars option then all of the technology and species of Star Wars become real and you get to live in a world with wookies, droids and the Millinium Falcon.

And obviously if you choose to live in the Star Wars universe then you get to live in a time when the galaxy wasn't ruled by the Emperor, as obviously that would be a bit rubbish.  You basically get all of the cool gadgets and creatures and stuff, but none of the drawbacks such as stormtroopers and Darth Vader doing his force choke on people.

Which option would you go for?

...or go without sleep for 48 hours?

Food or sleep?
Just to clarify, if you go for the 'go without food' option you're still allowed to drink water (as water isn't a food), but you can't have any drinks with calories or nutrients in them such as fizzy pop or soup, as that would be sort of cheating.

So those are the two options.  Go for forty eight hours without food or forty eight hours without sleep.  Which option would you go for?

Musical integrity or riches?

...making £5 million per year but producing music you didn't enjoy, or in a critically acclaimed serious band making £50,000 per year producing music you were proud of?

And just to clarify, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being in a boy band or girl band.  For example, I would extremely like to be in Girls Aloud if it meant I got to hang out with Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts all the time.

But for the purposes of the 'Would You Rather?' if you were in a boy band / girl band, you wouldn't enjoy the music you made.  That's the dilemma.

Would you choose riches over musical artistic integrity?

...or when you die?

This is another 'Would You Rather?' which the characters discuss in the 'How To Save The World' books.*

* Specifically, in 'How To Save The World: Part 2B - By Whatever Means Necessary'.

Given the circumstances that the main character, Eric, finds himself in, you could say it was quite a tactless choice of conversation for Kesta (Eric's mate) to bring this dilemma up, but anyway those are the two choices.

Would you rather find out how you die or when you die?

Win the lottery or cure malaria?
...or cure malaria from the world?

To start things off, here's a 'Would You Rather?' adapted from the opening chapter of my comedy sci-fi novel 'How To Save The World: An Alien Comedy'.

The actual 'Would You Rather?' featured in the book contains stronger adult humour than this PG version, but it's more or less along the same sort of theme.

Anyway, here's the dilemma...