Christmas lights: Multi-coloured or single colour?
This week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma has a Christmas theme to it.  It's a simple question; when putting up your Christmas decorations, do you prefer your Christmas lights to be all one colour, or multi-coloured?

To help you decide I've included a side by side comparison of how multi-coloured lights and single coloured Christmas lights look.

Both Christmas trees look great, but which do you prefer?

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Would you rather celebrate two Christmas Days every year, or...
Would you rather have world peace for Christmas, or...
Would you rather kids got less presents this Christmas, or...

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...or change the past?

A time travel themed 'Would You Rather?' dilemma.
Being able to predict the future would open up all sorts of possibilities, such as opportunities for financial profit, and being able to avoid significant mistakes in life.

Being able to change the past would also open up numerous opportunities, the main one being that you could rewrite your bad decisions so that they never happened.

Both options would be pretty cool, but if you could only choose one option, which one would it be?  To change the past?  Or predict the future?

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A scary 'Would You Rather? for Halloween.
It's only a few days until Halloween, so this week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma has a supernatural theme to it.  You have to decide whether you'd prefer to live in a world where there was an outbreak of zombies, or a world where there was an outbreak of werewolves, or a world where there was an outbreak of vampires?

Of course, if you had a choice you'd opt to live in a world where there were no supernatural outbreaks, but that isn't one of the choices.

So that's the scenario.  The world is about to be struck by a supernatural outbreak and you get to choose what it is.  A zombie infestation, a werewolf outbreak, or a scourge of vampires.  Which would you prefer?

...or would you rather hang out in the real world for a day with a fictional character of your choice?

Star Wars and The Silver Surfer
This week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma has a fictional theme to it.  It's a straight forward choice; you can either spend an entire day in the fictional world of your choice, or spend a day in this world with the fictional character of your choosing.

If it was me the fictional world I'd choose would be the 'Star Wars' universe, and the fictional character I'd chose would probably be the Silver Surfer.  However, the rules state I can only go for one, so it would be tricky to decide which of the two options I'd go for, because both options would be really cool.

Canine selfishness or selflessness?

Loyal dogs dressed up for National Dog Day.
In a few days time it'll be National Dog Day, so in honour of our canine friends, this week's 'Would You Rather?' question is a question for dogs.  However, most dogs can't use the internet so their owners will have to answer on their behalf.

The question for dog owners is this...

"If your dog had to choose between saving your life or a treat, would they choose to save your life, or would they go for the treat?"

...would you deliberately get a question wrong to help win money for charity?

The Chaser
For the benefit of anyone who hasn't seen The Chaser, it's a TV quiz show where members of the public compete against the Chaser to win a large cash prize.  However, occasionally celebrities play to win money for charity.  The 'Chaser' has to try to prevent the contestants from winning by answering questions correctly in order to 'chase' down their score.

So the dilemma this week is this...  If you were 'The Chaser' and you knew that getting lots of questions right could potentially cause a charity to miss out on winning some cash, would you deliberately get a few questions wrong?

Euro 2016 tickets.
As a football fan, I decided to take this week off work so I could enjoy Euro 2016, so it seems appropriate for this week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma to have a football theme to it.

The dilemma is this...  Would you rather your national team won the Euros, or your local team won the Premier League?  If you're not from England then adapt the scenario to your own national league, i.e. La Liga, Serie A, etc, but it's basically a dilemma about what matters most to you as football fan?  Your local team?  Or your national team?

And if you're a glory supporter and you don't support your local team, then obviously adapt the question so that whichever big club you've chosen to follow would win the Premier league, rather than your local club.

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...which of the following names would you choose?

"You called your son Mars Bar!  What a stupid name!
I called my son Fried Egg."
This week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma is based on a chapter from the book 'True Or False: A Light-Hearted Collection of 100 Facts And Bluffs' by Charles Fudgemuffin.  The chapter reports on strange names that, for various reasons, weird parents have given their children.  Some of the names covered in the book are:

1) Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii
2) @
3) Many Volcanoes Erupt Moldy Jam Sandwiches Unusually Niffy Phew
4) Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116
5) Mars Bar

...and yes, that fourth name is not a spelling mistake!

Anyway, if you had to have one of the above names, and you weren't allowed to change it by deed poll to something more normal, which of the above names would you choose to be stuck with?

This employee chose a poor spot to park their van.
This week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma involves the following work related scenario...

You have the worst employee ever.  They are completely useless at their job, and have no interest in trying to improve.  They then apply for a job at another company and the other company asks for a reference.

Under UK law you can't give someone a bad reference, but if the law allowed you to be honest, would you complete the reference honestly and admit that this employee was useless at their job?  Or would you give them a fictitiously impressive reference pretending they were really good, in the hope that they get the job and that way you get rid of them and they become someone else's problem?

...who would you save?

Please note, this is not the hypothetical sinking ship in question.
As far as I'm aware, this is a totally seaworthy ship.
This month's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma features a hypothetical situation involving a sinking ship and four potential survivors.  Luckily, as the ship sinks you manage to jump into the lifeboat and are about to start rowing for the shore when you notice four people left behind on the sinking ship.

The remaining passengers are a doctor, a mother with a small child (the child isn't on the boat, but obviously the mother would like to be reunited with her child), the star player of your favourite football team, and your favourite musician.  Unfortunately, there's only enough room in the lifeboat for one more person, and as much as you'd like to squeeze in all four passengers, any extra weight would definitely cause the lifeboat to sink.

You can therefore only save one of the passengers.  The question is, who would you save?

Obviously, this week's scenario is totally unrealistic, and any clever creative readers can probably think of a number of other solutions which would save the lives of all the passengers, but that's not what the dilemma is about.  The point of the dilemma is if you could only save one life, who would you save?

. . . . . . . .

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Are you motivated by money or respect?

Ideally as an actor you want to star in a movie which is both
commercially and critically successful, like James Bond or E.T. for
example, but if you could only have one, which would you choose?

The Academy Awards take place in a few days' time, so in honour of the Oscars, this week's 'Would You Rather?' has an acting theme to it.

Imagine youself as an up-and-coming actor or actress, and have a think about the following dilemma...

As an up-and-coming actor or actress, would you rather be paid a million pounds to star in a movie which was a commercial success, but which was universally panned and regarded as a turkey, or would you rather be paid a modest sum of money to star in a movie which was critically acclaimed and for which you went on to win an Oscar?

So in a nutshell it's a choice between money or critical acclaim.

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...or travel 200 years into the future and meet your descendants?

These are some of the scenes you
might encounter if you opt for the past.
This week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma has a time travel theme to it, but try not to base your decision purely on whether you'd like to travel into the past or into the future.  The key part of the dilemma is whether you'd prefer to meet your ancestors or meet your decendants.

And whichever option you go for, you could also choose whether to reveal to your ancestors/descendants that you were their descendant/ancestor, or whether to keep that information a secret.

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