If you could only save one person...

...who would you save?

Please note, this is not the hypothetical sinking ship in question.
As far as I'm aware, this is a totally seaworthy ship.
This month's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma features a hypothetical situation involving a sinking ship and four potential survivors.  Luckily, as the ship sinks you manage to jump into the lifeboat and are about to start rowing for the shore when you notice four people left behind on the sinking ship.

The remaining passengers are a doctor, a mother with a small child (the child isn't on the boat, but obviously the mother would like to be reunited with her child), the star player of your favourite football team, and your favourite musician.  Unfortunately, there's only enough room in the lifeboat for one more person, and as much as you'd like to squeeze in all four passengers, any extra weight would definitely cause the lifeboat to sink.

You can therefore only save one of the passengers.  The question is, who would you save?

Obviously, this week's scenario is totally unrealistic, and any clever creative readers can probably think of a number of other solutions which would save the lives of all the passengers, but that's not what the dilemma is about.  The point of the dilemma is if you could only save one life, who would you save?

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