...and you received a refund cheque from an embarrassingly named company, would you cash it?

What matters most; money or avoiding embarrassment?
This 'Would You Rather?' dilemma is based on the urban myth commonly known as the 'embarrassing cheque scam'.  The scam works by a company advertising products at a bargain price, and then a few weeks later they reply to all the customers saying unfortunately they are unable to fulfill the order, so as a result they are returning everyone's money in the form of a cheque.

However, the refund cheques have a really embarrassing company name printed on them.  This blog is marked as 'No mature content' so unfortunately I can't give exact examples of what the name would be, but if you think along the lines of 'Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Ltd', 'The Adult Nappy Co.' or 'The Justin Bieber Fan Club' then you're not even close because the real company name would be ten times more humiliating than that.