Would you rather eat a pancake with tomato ketchup as the topping...

...or eat a pancake with gravy as the topping?

A delicious strawberry pancake.  Sadly, not one of the
choices in this month's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma.
As it's Pancake Day in a few days time, I thought it would be appropriate to have a pancake themed 'Would You Rather?' this month.

However, rather than go for traditional toppings, such as chocolate sauce or honey for example, I've instead created a choice between two non-conventional pancake toppings.

Your two choices are:

1) Tomato ketchup, or
2) Gravy

For most people both of the above pancake options would be utterly disgusting.  However, if you had to eat one of them, which would it be?  The tomato ketchup pancake or the gravy pancake?

Just out of interest I do actually know someone who likes one of the options, but I have to say I suspect they're in the minority and that most people would ideally prefer to have a normal topping such as the strawberry pancake pictured above.

. . . . . . . .

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