... or that you could never enjoy the taste of nice food ever again?

Laughter or the taste of nice food?
If you go for the 'never taste nice food again' option, then you can still taste dangerous stuff, so you wouldn't have to worry about accidentally eating or drinking something which was poisonous, but you would no longer be able to experience all of the delicious tastes which you currently enjoy.  All the nice stuff which you like eating would from now on taste bland and tasteless.

If you go for the 'never laugh again' option then don't worry, you wouldn't suddenly become depressed or miserable.  You just wouldn't understand the concept of humour any longer.  You could still be happy and contented, but you wouldn't find things funny.  In fact you wouldn't find things even slightly amusing.

Both options would be a total gutter because obviously laughing and eating lush food are both brilliant things, but if you had to do without one or the other, then which one would you give up?  No more laughter or no more pleasant tastes?