Would you rather you could never listen to music ever again...

...or that you could never read a book or magazine ever again?

Music or books?
 Two brilliant things but which one would you get rid
of if you had to do without one or the other?
If you went for the first option then you could still hear everything else like conversations and general noises, but you couldn't hear songs or music.

If you went for the second option then you could still read signs and menus and basic stuff like that, but you could never read another book or magazine ever again.

Music and reading are both totally excellent, but the scenario is that you have to get rid of one of them, so which option would you go for?

And remember, you're voting for the option that you'd get rid of.

As a footnote, music and books both have their own official days, so if you want to find out more about what each day entails then check out the following links:
World Music Day (21st June 2014)
World Book Day (6th March 2014)

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    1. Hmm, yeah, I never thought of that. You've found a sneaky loophole.