How strong is your stomach?

Mmm!  Lovely!
A few weeks ago, a lady at work went on holiday for a week and forgot to empty her cup of coffee before she left.  As you can see in the photo, when she got back to work a week later, she discovered that her coffee had started to go mouldy.  In fact it was so mouldy that there were big lumps of fungus floating in the coffee.

Our boss likes to keep the working day interesting, so when we discovered the mouldy coffee, he quickly offered £50 to anyone who would drink it.  There were no takers at £50, so he then increased his offer to £100, but even at that price we all still declined the chance to earn some cash in return for drinking a mug of mouldy coffee.

But what would you do?  Would you drink the cup of mouldy coffee for £100?  Or how about for £1000?  Or would you still refuse to drink it even for £1000?  Vote below on whether a financial incentive could tempt you into drinking the cup of mouldy coffee shown in the photo.