A football dilemma for Euro 2016

Euro 2016 tickets.
As a football fan, I decided to take this week off work so I could enjoy Euro 2016, so it seems appropriate for this week's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma to have a football theme to it.

The dilemma is this...  Would you rather your national team won the Euros, or your local team won the Premier League?  If you're not from England then adapt the scenario to your own national league, i.e. La Liga, Serie A, etc, but it's basically a dilemma about what matters most to you as football fan?  Your local team?  Or your national team?

And if you're a glory supporter and you don't support your local team, then obviously adapt the question so that whichever big club you've chosen to follow would win the Premier league, rather than your local club.

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