If you were 'The Chaser' on a charity celebrity episode...

...would you deliberately get a question wrong to help win money for charity?

The Chaser
For the benefit of anyone who hasn't seen The Chaser, it's a TV quiz show where members of the public compete against the Chaser to win a large cash prize.  However, occasionally celebrities play to win money for charity.  The 'Chaser' has to try to prevent the contestants from winning by answering questions correctly in order to 'chase' down their score.

So the dilemma this week is this...  If you were 'The Chaser' and you knew that getting lots of questions right could potentially cause a charity to miss out on winning some cash, would you deliberately get a few questions wrong?

I haven't seen a lot of episodes, but going by the few episodes I have seen, The Chaser often seems to have less success on charity episodes.  This got me wondering if maybe the Chasers are ever tempted to get questions wrong deliberately in order to sneakily help the charities win money.  It would be an unusual situation to be in, because usually in your job you have to have integrity and always try your hardest.  However, if you knew that trying hard and doing your best could potentially mean a charity losing out on some cash then would it make you take a flexible view of integrity?

Just for the record, I'm not suggesting that the actual 'Chasers' deliberately get questions wrong to help the charities.  I'm just wondering how other people would react if they found themselves in such a position.


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