Would you rather kids got less presents this Christmas...

...or Santa's elves got no payrise this year?

Santa faces a tough decision this year.
To set the scene for this 'Would You Rather?' dilemma, imagine you're an elf working at Santa's Toy Factory at the North Pole, and sadly it turns out that even Santa isn't immune from the current economic climate.  As a result, Santa's accountants have told him that this year he has to make some cutbacks.

Santa therefore faces some tough decisions, because the budegetary cuts mean there's no money in the pot to give his elves a payrise this year.  However, one option available to Santa would be to give each kid less toys this Christmas and use the savings to finance the Elves' Pay Award.

So that's the scenario.  If you were one of Santa's elves, which option would you rather Santa went for?  A ten percent payrise for you and all the other elves but the kids get less toys, or no payrise and the kids still get their full quota of toys.

And just to complete the scenario, imagine that the Elves' Union have asked Santa's elves to vote on which option they would prefer.  The vote takes place by secret ballot, so you can make your vote in total privacy, and people will never find out if you'd selfishly rather get a payrise for yourself at the expense of kids' presents, or whether you'd make a financial sacrifice for the sake of the kids.

What option would you vote for?

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