Would you rather celebrate two Christmas days every year...

...or celebrate two birthdays every year?

Two birthdays, or two Christmases?
If you opt for the 'two birthdays' option, then don't worry ... you wouldn't age twice as fast!  You would just get two days of the year where you got to go out and celebrate, and where everyone gave you cards and presents.

And if you opt for the 'two Christmases' option then obviously you get two days of the year where you get to give and receive presents to/from all your friends, and where you get to enjoy all of the other Christmas trimmings, such as meeting up with friends and family, Christmas food, and repeats on TV, er ... a chance to rewatch Christmas specials on TV!

Footnote: Whatever your choice, assume that the two days would be six months apart, so you get to spread out the enjoyment.

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