Would you rather be able to enter people's dreams...

...or enter any TV show or movie of your choice?

Dreams and TV shows become reality...
...in a hypothetical sense, i.e. not really.
We're firmly into the realms of science fiction with this month's 'Would You Rather?' dilemma, with both options sounding like something from the plot of a forthcoming Hollywood movie.  Entering people's dreams or entering TV shows/movies would both be pretty mind-blowingly amazing experiences to get your head around, and it would be tempting to be able to experience both options.

However, if you could only choose one, which one would it be?  To be able to enter other people's dreams, or enter any TV show or movie of your choice?

And just to clarify the second option, I don't mean you could walk onto the set of a TV show or movie.  I mean you would actually be able to enter an alternate reality where the TV show or movie was real.

. . . . . . . .

Amazingly, a team of scientists from the University of West Humbershire actually claim to have developed a technique which allows people to experience and even influence other people's dreams.  The process involves electro-magnetic impulse therapy and is at a very early stage of development, but has already produced some spectacular results, so if you want to read more about the future of 'dream immersion therapy' then check out the following link:
Scientists develop technique that allows you to 'enter' other people's dreams

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