Would you rather you could only whisper...

...or you could only shout?

Only whisper or only shout?
Or to rephrase that in text speak; would you rather you could only whisper, or YOU COULD ONLY SHOUT?

Neither would be ideal but if you had to go for one which one would it be?

And if you're one of those unfortunate people who already has one of those loud shouty voices, then for the purposes of the 'Would You Rather?' imagine that you had a normal voice like everyone else.

As a side note, the World Record for the loudest voice in the world is held by Jill Drake who in 2000 recorded a shout of 129 decibels.  That's louder than the volume of a power saw or a typical rock concert, and it's also above the threshhold at which sounds begin to cause pain (125 decibels).

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