Would you rather the World Cup was held every four years...

...or every two years?

World Cup every four years or every two years?
I thought I'd have a topical 'Would You Rather?' dilemma this month, so as World Cup fever grips the world it's therefore the perfect time to pose a football dilemma based on the World Cup.

Obviously, if you're a football fan then you'll be pretty excited at the prospect of four weeks of football to look forward to, featuring most (although not all) of the world's best players.

But is part of the magic the fact that the World Cup only takes place once every four years?  Or when something is so excellent does it make sense to hold it twice as often?

I realise that not everyone is a football fan (my commiserations to anyone who that applies to), so to take into account the opinions of non-football fans I've also included a third option in this month's poll.

Anyway, enough of the waffle.  If FIFA decided to hold a referendum asking all fans to vote on whether they would prefer the World Cup to be held every four years or every two years, how would you vote?

Also, hypothetically staging the World Cup every two years would cause a lot of logistical issues.  For example the European Championships and other continental competitions would then have to get moved to 'odd' calendar years to accommodate the extra World Cup, which would mean that all World Cup qualifying matches would then have to completed within a twelve month timescale.  So consider the additional implications when making your decision.


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